Step 1:Get a junk email to receive all the surveys. ex:
Step 2:Make a Paypal account with the same email to get paid with.
Step 3: Finisih the profile surveys and start making some money.
Step 4: Cash out it normaly takes about a month for the money to end up on you paypal.

You can get paid with
Cheque, Air miles.
You can get paid with.
Paypal, Amazon, Pre Paid Visa cards, Airmiles, and itunes
You can get paid with:
Paypal and Lots of brands.
You can get paid with.
Airmiles, chapters gift cards, and some others.

You get a $15 visa card a months for the first year for doing scans. Than your better off just canceling it after a year. Also you will get points to cash for items in there catalog.

You get a Cheque mailed to you.

You can get paid with.
Amazon, Pre Paid Visa Cards, Walmart, Home Depo, Future Shop, Subway, Best Buy, Shoppers Drug Mart, Chapters, and Winners Gift Cards.
You can get paid with.
Paypal, Amazon and itunes.
You can get paid with.
Paypal, gift cards and donate to Charities.
You can get pad with:
Paypal, Amazon, I tunes, facebook and others
You get paid with
Amazon gift card or Paylution

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